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Looking for a Competitive Edge?

Wingman Timing is Partnered with MyFitness Butler®!


MyFitness Butler® is a One-of-A-Kind, First-Class mobile personal training service based in Columbus, Ohio. We believe everyone should have access to a Qualified Personal Trainer in the comfort of their own home. Whether you want to meet at your home, office, rec-center, or local gym all you have to do is provide the space and your MyFitness Butler® will take care of the rest!

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We Work with People of All Fitness Levels

Whether you are only into casual exercise and looking to get into better shape or you are a workout enthusiast, MyFitness Butler® will develop a plan that works for you and your needs.



Are you an athlete looking to take your game to the Next Level? We can help you fine tune your strength and conditioning to help you compete at the highest level of competition. Whether you compete at the Youth, High School, College or on the Professional Level, MyFitness Butler® will customize a regiment that will maximize your potential and help you accomplish the goals you’ve always wanted.


MyFitness Butler®

Get Started on a Path to a Better You and Start Training in a Way that Produces Real Results with:

No Expensive Equipment

No Costly Gym Membership

No Scheduling Hassles